Updating BLOCKCHAIN on Windows

This procedure will allow to download the blockchain data updated instead of to wait for long time to sync for completely

1 - Close your wallet application - Phantom-QT

2 - Download the latest version of blockchain

3 - Open the PhantomX private folder
>> WINDOWS << Go to the folder C:\Users\>Your Name<\AppData\Roaming\phantomx
Press START > RUN or press the keys WINKEY + R and type %APPDATA%/phantomx.
Click in OK.
**if show error like the folder doesn't exists, open the wallet PhantomX-QT.exe, wait 1 minute and close again. Repeat the step 1. of this

4 - SAVE your wallet.dat in a safety place, like Email, GDrive, Dropbox, etc
file: wallet.dat

5 - DELETE the list of files above
folder: database
folder: txleveldb
file: blk0001.dat
file: peers.dat

6 - EXTRACT the file downloaded - latest-blockchain.zip - copy ALL FILES and REPLACE on the PhantomX private data

from: latest-blockchain\wallet\*.*:
to: C:\Users\>Your Name<\AppData\Roaming\phantomx\*.*:

7 - START your wallet again and WAIT few minutes to sync the last hours