Why invest in PhaNtomX

Super Fast Transactions

Instant payments and quick confirmation. Much faster than Bitcoin. Your payments will be processed anywhere in the world at any time, as quickly as possible. The speed of payment, which is the distinctive advantage of a PhantomX. All transactions are stored in a unit of cost and can be accessed by any user at any time.

Security & Anonymous

With the built-in encryption of the wallet, you can safely store your PhantomX on your equipment. We are providing an online wallet soon as possible. Transactions are completely anonymous using darksend.

Growing Community

PhantomX has a growing and friendly community. We have many plans and developments for the introduction of the coin into real life. We are open for cooperation and everyone can participate and contribute to the improvement of the dissemination PhantomX.

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Latest Blockchain

Latest Blockchain

June 20, 2018

PhaNtomX Specification



PoW / PoS


50 Millions

Max coin available


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05. January 2018

New IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure has been restructured to support the new features for PhaNtomX

05. January 2018

Listing CryptoCompare.com

Will allow the investor with RIGs and ASICs check how much they can earn mining PNX

Listed: CryptoCompare.com

15. January 2018

Launch new Website & Whitepaper

The new website allows the investors check and monitor the PNX on each step evaluation and with completed guides to help everyone to create the wallets and Masternodes

January 2018

Guides in videos

We are recording many guides like: how to prepare the Linux and Windows environment, update the blockchain database, change the wallet for Stake mode, create masternode and how to protect your wallet.

January 2018 and February 2018

Wallet for Windows

Fixing some bugs and adding new security features

January 2018 and February 2018

Wallet for Mac OS

The wallet for Mac OS will allow to use the QT wallet with a good interface

February 2018 and March 2018

Pool dedicate

We will dedicate a safety and faster pool to mine PNX

Q2/Q3 of 2018

Web Wallet

The online wallet allows to save your PNX on the cloud, with total safety and Proof-of-Stake working without problems.

Early to Mid 2018

Android App

New handmade wallet. No full Blockchain download. Easy to operate, smooth and elegant design

Q3 of 2018

Payment Gateway

We have a faster transaction and we are talking with strong partners to accept the PNX coin to the future and the secondary payment method.